5 Ways to Increase your Facebook EdgeRank

The social media world is in constant change. Facebook as the largest social network worldwide is no exception. Almost weekly the platform updates its News Feed algorithm, influencing the Facebook EdgeRank for entrepreneurs and their business pages. With these 5 tips, you will improve your Facebook EdgeRank on the world's biggest social media platform.

How To Increase your Chances of Exposure on Facebook

The social media world is in constant change. Facebook as the largest social network worldwide is no exception. Almost weekly the platform updates its News Feed algorithm, influencing the Facebook EdgeRank for entrepreneurs and their business pages.

Do you not know what the Facebook EdgeRank is? This is how Facebook’s secret newsfeed algorithm works.

The importance of understanding the EdgeRank and knowing how to handle it in order to gain as much organic reach as possible is shown by the following: With the recently rolled out Explore Feed, Facebook has eliminated the organic reach for pages in several countries.

“We always listen to our community about ways we might improve News Feed. People tell us they want an easier way to see posts from friends and family. We are testing having one dedicated space for people to keep up with their friends and family, and another separate space, called Explore, with posts from pages. The goal of this test is to understand if people prefer to have separate places for personal and public content.”
(Adam Mosseri, Head of News Feed)

Even if it was just a test: creating and delivering good content is more important than ever if you want to survive in the fight for a good Facebook EdgeRank.

That’s why we’ve summarized 5 basic tips and tricks that will help you and your posts be better rated by the Facebook News Feed algorithm.

#1 Quality beats Quantity

Actually, it should go without saying to post only high-quality content. And yet it happens again and again that blurry images or faulty copy appear in the News Feed. Facebook tries to prevent this by limiting the reach of such posts.

How does the platform recognize that? Somebody is always reached with your content. These individuals should interact with it as much as possible in order to preserve the opportunity to go viral. This creates affinity among users.

Important fact: It’s not about whether you interact with the posts – it’s about whether a potential customer would respond.

But what if you just don’t get any engagement? Many business owners make the mistake of thinking that more posts will help to reach more people. But the opposite is true: the more content you post that is not interacted with, the lower the Facebook EdgeRank will be.

Because Facebook receives the following signals: The content of your page is generally not interesting for users. Even content that has the potential to go viral does then not get the necessary reach.

#2 Not posting will erode the Facebook EdgeRank

But posting only once a week is not the way to go. As described in one of my previous posts, the time decay factor plays an important role in the Facebook algorithm.

The Facebook EdgeRank is time sensitive. It always includes the most recent posts in his calculation.

So if you don’t post anything for a week, your EdgeRank score drops rapidly. The most recent content always has the biggest influence.

The algorithm may recover from this low. However, this takes some time and can be partly compensated only with paid reach.

#3 Avoid Calls for Engagement

Try to avoid making direct calls to the readers of your posts. These include “Tag a friend …”, “Like, if …” or “Comment with …”. The algorithm recognizes those kinds of phrases. Many page administrators report that such posts achieve significantly lower reach.

It’s best to bypass these calls with questions. Make your fans write a comment without mentioning the word “comment”. Even tags are easily possible, for example: “Who would you take with you to this island?”

#4 Avoid Cheap or Fake Page likes

The equation seems to be so easy: more page likes means more potential engagement with my content. Because of this, people quickly resort to the ad club and buy Likes from “cheap”, mostly Southeast Asian countries.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) the News Feed algorithm does not fall for that.

Because these fake fans are not interested in your content. They will never interact with your posts. They are dead mass. Because the EdgeRank also incorporates the ratio of engagement to the number of page likes, your chances of getting a better EdgeRank will decrease with every fake fan.

To pay for reach or fans is certainly not bad, as you will read in the next tip. However, you should always be careful to target users who might really be interested in your content.

#5 Start with Paid Reach

If you are just starting to run a Facebook Business page, the number of fans and the reach will be limited accordingly. The EdgeRank of your posts is correspondingly low. It can sometimes help to take some money and help to increase the reach of your content. The budget can be scaled back over time.

Ads are a popular and effective tool. As written in the introduction it is possible that soon only Facebook Ads will be seen on the News Feed. You should know how to work with them – including that you should never click on the blue “Boost” button.

Always run ads from the Facebook Business Manager. We are happy to help you to set this up. Just contact us here.

Bonus: Determine what the Facebook EdgeRank shows on your News Feed

What many people do not know: you yourself can determine what you see on your News Feed. Right above each post, you will find three small dots. Underneath you find options like “Save post”, “Hide post” or “Turn on notifications”.

In addition, if you don’t want to miss a post of a certain page, the button “Subscribe” gives you the opportunity to see the content of this page first in the News Feed.