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Facebook Algorithm: How to Increase your Organic Reach


Many business owners on Facebook must be confused about the terms “organic reach” or the Facebook algorithm. The word “organic” is confusing them – of course, if it would have been “customer reach” or “individual reach” the term would have been self-definable.

So “organic reach” is the number of Facebook users who visit your Facebook page or see your updates in the newsfeed. No online business can survive without social media sites, and Facebook is a top priority.

Initially, when Facebook was stepping up on the ladder of success, it became quite to get your content through the Facebook algorithm and pretty easy to increase the “organic reach” as very few business owners were aware of the power of Facebook.

But as the competition is growing, this way of promotion is becoming a headache for more than 15 million online businesses. There is a drastic decrease in the number of people who visit the pages or check newsfeed updates.

Let’s get straight to the point. First of all, keep in mind: “Organic reach” has just dropped – it’s not dead, and it will always keep on increasing if you invest a few more minutes in reading my article.

So, let’s begin our success journey with a discussion about the “content” which is the most important part of any online promotion whether it is on Facebook or any other social media platform.

Content should be Evergreen

Yes, you read right. Good content can pull customers even after ten years!

But there is a catch: your audience should like the content and share it. Your content should be designed to grab the audience attraction. Customize with funny pictures and make it engaging. Good content does get shared even after years.

Your posts should have a right mix of written articles, pictures, and videos and should be available to the right audience at the right time. They want to see the face behind all those posts. So try to create engaging videos such as product description, webinars, Q&As, etc.

Keep in mind: everything shouldn’t be sales-intended – maximum content should be social. The audience does not like the content which is totally sales indented.

Those who like, share or comment your content send a signal to the Facebook algorithm that they want to see more stuff similar to this. This helps in pushing the content on top of the newsfeed.

Just writing an article and posting links does not work. Use your creative mind to design the content. You can even go for funny presentations and posting team photos. Who knows where the things click!

Of course, when you post something, you get a lot of comments and questions. People love to start a discussion. Make sure that you reply to the comments as soon as possible, preferably immediately.

Content should be Regular

A business owner should keep on posting high-quality mixed content on a regular basis. I am talking about regular which means 1-2 posts a day. Posting a lot of stuff is not going to take you anywhere as it annoys the followers. Facebook is already filled up with content, but its algorithm extracts gold from the garbage and displays it on the top.

Just 20 % of the content posted every day appears on the news feed. Look at the extent of the competition. You, as a Facebook marketer, are fighting to get to the top 20%. Concentrate on a mixture of quality, not quantity.

Get Through the Facebook Algorithm with the Right Timing

Yes, time of the post determines the extent to which your post might get promoted. Research has shown that the best time to post on Facebook is 1 pm to 3 pm, but you can determine your own best time by checking out Facebook insights where you can see when your followers log into the network.

Using this insight facility, you can also check how your pages are performing. This testing is necessary to plan further decisions related to the type of content. As a beginner, put in some guess work and change the strategy whenever possible.

Recycle the Content to Grab Traffic

For Facebook marketing, recycling of the content does not mean spinning an original article and creating hundreds of articles and finally posting on Facebook. No, this is not the way to get promoted. By recycling, I mean to stay posting an evergreen content again after a few weeks. This helps in creating a momentum in page growth and makes an excellent source of website traffic.

Posts Should be Planned in Advance

Planning the type of content in advance takes off a lot of stress. Every post whether it is a blog, a video or a funny picture should post on a right time, and this can be accomplished when you plan in advance.

Offer Good Customer Support

Get into the customer’s shoes and think about the questions that could sprout up in their mind and prepare the answers beforehand. This is particularly useful in a Q&A session as when you have to give instant answers.

Focus on Other Posts and Share

Don’t be just self-centric and focus on sharing your posts. You should share audience posts and other business posts, of course, of the businesses which are your allies. You can also go for an agreement with other business for exchanging the posts and sharing it to reach out as much audience as possible.

The Facebook algorithm is a complex thing to crack, but with the right strategies and patience you can make a way to the top. Explore more and experiment with strategies.

What are your strategies and tricks to make it to the newsfeeds of your customers?

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