How To Find Your Target Audience on Social Media

how to find your target audience on social media michi hoffmann digital marketing consultant

Who uses social media platforms and are your customers there?

For every company, regardless of whether it is already represented in the social networks or not, it is important to know your own target audience. That should be part of every business plan.

Once you know your customers, you need to find out how to find your target audience on social networks. Because that saves time, labor and ultimately money. You can then put these assets into your social media activities.

But the complaints or explanations are always the same:

“Our target audience is too old for social media!”

“Like this, we don’t reach the people we want to reach!”

And all this despite the fact that social media meanwhile is established both in private and in the corporate sector. They have become an essential part of our lives.

You want your messages and content to be heard and read by the right people. At the right time, in the right place, on the right platform. That’s why you have to figure out how to find your target audience on social media.

A unique identity for target audiences on social media

Every social media platform has its own identity, culture, and language. You and your organization need to comply with these elements in order to have honest conversations with the users and your target audience.

It makes no sense, however, to adapt to any platform. A company targeting men ages 45 to 65 will have little success with Snapchat marketing activities.

Choose the platform whose demographic characteristics best suit your social media audience.

Always remember: You want to know who your customers are and where they are!

How to find your target audience on the different platforms?

Our colleagues from Tracx have recently created a great infographic listing the user demographics of the major social media platforms. This will help you with the research on how to find your target audience.

Since the information in this graphic is from June 2017, some numbers have changed. Facebook now has around 2 billion active users per month.

Instagram has also continued to grow: Around 800 million people use the app every month, of which 500 million logs in daily.

Also interesting: People under the age of 25 spend an average of more than 32 minutes a day on Instagram.


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