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How to use Instagram Hashtags to get the Most Exposure

Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are not the only way to search for new content on Instagram, but also an excellent way to attract new followers.

Instagram is the most neglected platform to promote a business, but believe me: Instagram hashtags can do wonders for promotion. W website or a product or a service, hashtags are there to spread your word.

I used to wonder why there is so much apprehension about using hashtags. To find an answer, I started asking people about the reasons and what sprouted up just shocked me.

Many people think that those who use hashtags are self-obsessed and hungry for likes. This is just a competition among friends about who gets more likes. Listening to this makes me feel like I should go and bang my head on a wall.

The fact is Instagram hashtags are the best way to bring up the images in front of your prospective customers. Want to get more followers? Hashtag it. Want to build a community? Hashtag it. Want to sell your product? Hashtag it. There is nothing related to your business that hashtags cannot do.

When you click on a hashtag, you will be able to browse all the posts that have been tagged with it. To promote your post, just attach one of your photos or videos, and it will be discoverable to many other prospective audiences.

It all depends on how often that tag is being used, how strong the following is and how popular the post is which further depends on the likes, shares, and comments.

Recently Instagram started banning certain hashtags from the search results. Images don’t show up anymore when taget with this Hashtag.

You will find more on the Instagram Shadow-Ban in this article – tips and tricks for the right use of Hashtags included:  Instagram Shadow Ban

Comment using Hashtags

It is possible to add hashtags using comments or captions. To hashtag a post all you need to do is upload a photo or a video, do some editing using the Instagram editor (optional) and add your hashtags (#) followed by emojis or comments. Click OK and select SHARE.

To add a new hashtag to already posted content, just click on three dots on the top right corner of the display and click EDIT.

Who can add Hashtags on Instagram?

Anyone can add hashtags to a post, but only the account holder of the original image can select the hashtags to appear in the feed.

No More than 30 Hashtags

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags for an image or a video. Instagram does not take the 31st hashtag.

Although I encourage using hashtags, research has shown that just 11 hashtags are enough to get maximum exposure. Personally I always use all 30 possible Instagram Hashtags.

Never use Irrelevant Hashtags

Tagging is done to describe an image or a video, but I have seen that many users use hashtags which are not related at all. Don’t ever think of making a fool, as users notice this which leads to a wrong impression. Hashtags should be specific to what the viewer is looking at. There is no use of short-term popularity.

Keep Common Hashtags in Notes

Although Instagram remembers the old hashtags used by you, it is recommended that you keep the most used hashtags in your notepad app. This is a great way of saving time. Also, it omits the possibility of forgetting an important hashtag.

Emoji Hashtags

Adding emoji hashtags is fun and makes a post interesting. When I upload some cake recipe, the emoji hashtag I add is some picture of cake. However, emojis help in promoting a post, a recommendation is not to overuse it.

No space for special characters

Instagram does not allow usage of special characters such as $, &, %, space, etc. If you use it, the hashtag will be rendered unsearchable. Stick with numbers, letters, and emoji.

Instagram Hashtags Experiment for Promotion

It is necessary to check if the hashtags you are using are working or not. To do this, add an image or a video with hashtags and check the exposure. The very next week remove the hashtags and post the picture or video. Now again check the exposure. Using this method you can also check if a particular hashtag is working or not.

Branded Hashtags

This is the tag primarily developed for online businesses. This could be simply the company name, product name, company’s tagline or the name of the CEO, etc. These hashtags are designed to connect themes and are suitable for campaign promotion.

Instagram Hashtags are a great way to promote a business and increase income. But as everybody says, excess of everything is bad, and the same goes with hashtag. Use it for your business, not against it. put together  a list of so far the best hashtags for different niches in 2017.

Which ones will you use? And do you miss any important hashtags?

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