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social media giveaways win customers quickly

Boost Your Business’ Success with Social Media Giveaways

Sometimes it is a struggle. Your company is established, your social media channels set up, but your business does not really get going. Doubts arise: Does social media make sense to us at all?

I tell you: Yes! But you must (among other things) be willing to offer your customers one or the other goodie.

Sometimes, it takes weeks or months before you finally see success with your business. Social media giveaways can speed up this process massively.

Why are giveaways so attractive?

Think back to your childhood. What were the most exciting, beautiful, and probably best days of the year? Correct: birthdays, Easter, and Christmas. Why? Of course, because of the gifts.

Deep inside, we have all remained a child. Everyone likes to get things or win something. Above all, the latter sometimes gives us a sense of superiority to others.

Before you call your marketing department, however, and give away the next possible end-of-season model on Facebook, you should ask these 3 questions about social media giveaways:

What do I want to achieve?

What will I give away?

What does the customer have to do?

Objectives: What do I want to achieve with the giveaway?

Above all is your goal: What do you and your company want to achieve with the giveaway? Do you want to collect new email addresses? Or win customers as quickly as possible? This is followed by all the following measures.

We have listed some goals:

  • Collect email addresses (leads)
  • Create or strengthen brand awareness
  • Win fans and followers for your own social media profiles
  • Win customers quickly
  • Sell products (sales)
  • Optimize SEO features of the website
  • Increase conversion rates

The goals can be diverse – it always depends on which Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is relevant to you.

Prize: What do I want to give to the customer?

What do we want to “give” to the customer? One thing in advance: It should be something useful and desired. Nowadays, nobody is willing to give out his or her email address if it does not seem worth it.

Whether you want to give away vouchers, gift cards, products, or simply experiences, you have to decide for yourself and your target group.

Bonus Tip: Working with influencers can give your giveaway another boost. It should be noted, however, that the profit and the influencer must match.

A tech vlogger on YouTube who wants to promote your supplements will have little success – especially because she or he addresses a target group that is not your own.

Conditions: What does the customer have to do?

In order not to get into legal (and interpersonal) problems, you should make the conditions of participation in your giveaway as transparent as possible.

You should answer these questions clearly in your contest or your raffle:

  • What does a user have to do to participate in the raffle? (like, tag, email address, etc.)
  • How long does the draw go?
  • How will participants get informed about the result of the contest?
  • Which Facebook guidelines are there for a competition of this kind? You can find a guide about this on Facebook.

A rule of thumb, which should apply to every raffle, is: The conditions must be simple, but nevertheless demanding. If the entry is too complicated, it scares potential leads. If the conditions of participation are too simple, people who are not interested in your business outside of the competition may contribute.

Hidden SEO boost: backlinks through social media giveaways

What many are not aware of: A giveaway on social media can also improve the Google rankings of your website. How so?

It’s quite simple: Create your contest so that contestants get an extra chance to win when they share the link to your contest (on your website).

The resulting backlinks generate a “real” interest in your website from “real” social media accounts. Google recognizes this and ranks you higher – the first step in order to win customers quickly.

Do you want to know how to design such a giveaway? Just contact us, and we will be pleased to help you.


You should internalize these basics if you plan to do something good for your customers in the near future.

But how do I organize a successful giveaway now? That’s what we’ll tell you in our next blog post.

Finally, I have a question for you:

How does a giveaway have to look like so that you will take part in the raffle and share it with your friends?



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