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The 6 Best Social Media Platforms für Your Business

Social media, one of the greatest innovations in technology, has changed the way businesses are promoted whether online or offline. Gone are the days where business owners are required to shell out thousands of dollars just for promotion.

Social Media Platforms

Now, this work is done in as little as 5 dollars per week.

Since there are a plethora of social media sites on the internet, new business promoters get baffled:

Which Social Media Platforms is the right one for my business?

Although all the sites are good enough to promote a business, we are talking about the best, and that is what I am going to list here – the best social media platforms:


Everybody is familiar with Facebook, but less familiar with its power of website promotion. With more than 1.69 billion users, Facebook provides a complete package to target the most prospective customers.


Business owners can do promotions by posting tweets. Followers are attained by more and more people sharing your content. One should target individuals who have many followers and concentrate on the latest trends and include relevant hash tags to bring a momentum to the posts.


This social media platform is beneficial for those who are into the B2B-field. There is no other platform as good as LinkedIn to build a connection with a particular industry or a title.


Instagram is a fantastic platform to share the pictures of your products with description and hashtags. Business owners can create a nice gallery of the products from where prospective customers can follow and purchase what they like.

To find out what hashtags on Instagram are and why it is important to use them, read this: How to use Instagram Hashtags to get the most Exposure


Never ignore this second largest search engine after Google. Business promotions are done by submitting videos of the products and services and conducting webinars. Youtube videos have become a part of the search results whenever somebody makes a search on Google.


Have images to share? Don’t miss out Pinterest, a site to share quality images, and if the image gets pinned then it is a high chance that the image may get a good promotion which ultimately leads to business promotion. One can add links to the site or even amazon links.

On Social Media every business owner will find a platform that fits his corporate identity. Let me give you some advice: The proof is in the pudding. Start with the common ones – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Which platform is your company already using?


You already have some Social Media accounts but you don’t know how to get the most out of them for your business? Or maybe you just don’t have time for that?

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