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7 Reasons to Invest in Social Media for Your Small Business

From Branding and Customer Service to Website Traffic

This is the age of technology, and social media has grown massively over the past decade.

These days all businesses invest a lot of time, effort and money into their social media activities (here are some of the best platforms for your small business).

This is because social media has proved time and time again to be the best tool to engage customers, build a loyal customer base, to interact with customers and to advertise your small business.

It’s not only for the Big Guys

It’s not just huge businesses that can benefit from social media.

Perhaps the best aspect of this all is that even the smallest business has the same shot at being successful on social media – all you need is a good presence and success will follow.

When you learn to manage social media for your small businesses, you will definitely find an increase in your revenue and customers.

You still have doubts if Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are a good fit for your company? Maybe the following 7 reasons, why you should invest in your small business Social Media activities, will convince you.

#1: Social Media helps in engaging your target market for your small business directly

Unlike other advertisement mediums, social media enables you to target the right audience directly, and a well-placed Social Media post can make a huge difference.

You have to grab the right people’s attention and a single post marketed across all platforms can help you do that.

Potential customers while scrolling through their feed when come across an interesting post they are bound to think for a moment.

Social Media enables you to reach your required demographic to help your business in the best possible way. Sometimes a single post placed across the right market can help you increase your page visitors by as much as 100% and more.

#2: Social Media helps your small business in delivering better customer service

These days, if a customer has any kind of question related to a product they are bound to direct their queries towards social media platforms first, mostly Facebook and Twitter.

If you don’t have a presence on the social media of the customer’s choice, it makes the business look unreliable and unprofessional.

Not only will your presence help regarding all of the customers support questions, but it will also help you monitor the trends, the mentions of your products and the general customer perspective about your business.

It is a great tool to get customer feedback and to communicate with them so you can improve certain aspects of your product, lead your business in the right direction and hence deliver a great customer service.

#3: Social Media helps in building your small business into a brand

Making a name for your brand and differentiating it from others in a way that the name of your brand gets imprinted on your customer’s mind is a very important thing for your small business.

Having a social media presence can help you a great deal in this regard, by using well-placed posts you can greatly improve your brand awareness.

You can utilize your online persona to create a unique identity for your business that helps you stand out amongst your competitors which in turn will help your customer base differentiate you amongst others.

By giving your brand a human voice, you can give it a personality which can help connect to a personal level to customers, which is a great way of showcasing your brand and help it leave a lasting impression.

#4: Social Media is great for managing the reputation of your small business

What everyone thinks of your business is crucial to your success, so it is important to keep track of your reputation and to work in building a good reputation for yourself.

Social Media is the most effective tool in managing your reputation.

Real-time comments and feedback are common in social networks and customers will tell you right away if they like something or if they don’t.

If you deal with all the positive and negative feedback in an efficient manner right away, it will help your reputation by a great deal.

Criticism, if handled nicely and effectively, will help make customers happy and will turn the haters into your customers.

So a good online presence is necessary to do that and to keep an eye on what people are saying about you.

#5: Social Media helps testify the trustworthiness of your small business

This is the age of technology, and social media has become the quickest and easiest tool to authenticate anything and everything.

Customers find it easier to quickly look at what kind of business they are dealing with, a quick search later you decide whether the business seems trustworthy or not.

So having official details across all platforms is important.

A business being active on Social Media shows credibility and will build trust in all your potential customers to count on you. It will make you seem approachable in case a problem occurs, and it will show that you are active all the time.

#6: Social Media advertisements help your small business reach its target

Facebook or Instagram are very flexible in catering your needs: you can easily customize the kind of audience you want to direct your ads towards based on their locations, age, education, their likes and dislikes and past purchases.

This way you have a higher chance of increasing your sales then a traditional ad since Social Media ads are more specific to your requirements and target market.

#7: Social Media will drive traffic towards your website

Figures have shown that the amount of traffic on your website can greatly be increased by posting in social networks.

These days they act as an SEO ranking signal, the more you are talked about or mentioned, the more increase in your Google ranking occurs.

This shows Google that your website is authoritative, so being active and engaging customers on their is one of the best ways to gain better ranking in organic SEO.

This will be something all the small businesses will be after.


Does your business already have an active Social Media presence?

Which of the mentioned points is the most important for you?

Tell me in the comment section below.

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